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Imperial Porcelain Manufactory is a unique phenomenon. For more than two centuries its history is interwoven with the one of Russia. IPM’s porcelain is displayed in the most prestigious museums of the world. It is auctioned at Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

In 1765 Catherine the Great gave its current name to the factory – Imperial Porcelain Manufactory. For more than 150 years Imperial porcelain would adorn the Romanov’s palaces with the most sophisticated and exquisite porcelain masterpieces there were.

Beginning of XX century in Russia was marked by revolutionary upheavals in social and artistic life. One of the vivid examples of artistic upheavals was propaganda suprematist porcelain made at the State Porcelain Factory – a powerful propaganda tool and widely acclaimed art phenomenon. At this time a new style of porcelain is born – based on the rich cultural heritage of old masters. Unique new technologies are given life at Lomonosov Porcelain factory – bone china manufacturing technique. Unlike other sorts of bone china IPM’s fine bone china has enhanced whiteness, thinness, translucency and fragile transparency thus resembling  famous « egg shell » china made in ancient China.

In 1993 Lomonosov factory becomes a joint stock company and in 2005 it gets back for its unique hand-painted patterns. To this day highest standards of hand-painting are carefully kept: at present « IPM » is probably the only manufacturer which has at its disposal such a wide array of hand-painting techniques : overglaze, underglaze, agate engraving on gold, portrait and architectural painting. Today IPM craftsmen remaster old molding and casting techniques of copying old 18-20th century masterpieces from the Manufactory’s museum. Such masterpieces originally created b J-D Rachette, Si.Pimenov, A.Voronihin, S.Chekhonin, N.Danko, K.Malevich, N.Suetin, I.Riznich and A.Vorobievsky have a special aura about them because they carry over chemistry of the highest art.


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The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory produces full range of luxury porcelain, including dinner and dessert services, tea and coffee sets, gift items and decorative objects. Rich cultural heritage, unique techniques of porcelain-making, highest professionalism and artistic potential of sculptors and painters translate into production of the only of its kind porcelain.


Imperial Porcelain has always been known for its talented artists and craftsmen who have worked at the manufactoryThis tradition is still being very much upheld today, with more than 1300 artists and craftsmen working at the premises where the company was first founded. We are proud of our rich heritage, and we look with confidence and excitement into the future.